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Making a Splash

We are all the buzz! Read about the news and strides Coral Cove Wellness Resort is making in innovative hospitality, cannabis education, and the booming alternative wellness industry in Jamaica and the world at large.

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Psyched: Inside A Psilocybin Retreat

"Silo Wellness, a soon-to-be public psychedelics company, launched a series of psilocybin retreats in Jamaica, where the molecule was never scheduled and remains decriminalized to this day. This retreat was held at Coral Cove, a sea-side resort near the town of Negril, in the center of Jamaica’s “Wellness Corridor...”
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Coral Cove Cannabis Retreat Is Jamaica's Best Kept Secret

"Cannabis tourism in Jamaica is taking off, as properties across the Caribbean island are highlighted for their ingenuity in the fast-growing industry. Coral Cove is the perfect example of one such retreat..."

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Mushroom Bloom at Silo Retreat

"The six-day, transformative experience provided the perfect set and setting for the occasion in the intimate and serene environment overlooking the Caribbean Sea..."

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